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Engineering Translation ServicesThe engineering industry plays a major role within society and the corporate world in general. With the ongoing increase in globalization, international engineering projects have been expanding rapidly and with this, a number of foreign languages have become an obstacle for many businesses.

Engineering projects are generally long-term, involving high costs and many participants; therefore, there is generally a specific workflow schedule that cannot be interrupted as well as a variety of professional requirements, drawings and technical documents, including documentation from national and international authorities, industry resources, local projects, manuals, user guides, contracts and so on. Many of these documents will require professional engineering translations if your business works abroad or exports services or products.

Engineering translations require the precise and accurate use of terminology; they must use relevant technical and engineering terminology to ensure the message is communicated accurately.

Top Quality Engineering Translations

Accurate and precise translation in the manufacturing, engineering and construction sectors is of critical importance, with no room for error. The slightest inaccuracy in an engineering document translated from another language can have serious consequences and this is why TTS takes special care when translating engineering documentation. Because engineering translations involve such a detailed process, TTS works with an excellent team of engineering translators around the world in multiple languages, our engineering translators are highly trained and specialised linguists with an engineering background who understand the subtleties of technological vocabulary and technical writing.

We understand that your documents are extremely important to you and that confidentiality is of critical concern; therefore, TTS has very strict confidentiality policies in place for all our engineering clients.

Below are some examples of The Translation Studio most recent projects within the engineering industry:

  • Computer Science and Information technology translation
  • Technical drawings translation
  • Operating manuals translation
  • User and Safety manuals translation
  • Railway engineering translation
  • Telecom engineering translations
  • Road engineering translation
  • Water conservation engineering translation
  • Sports facility construction translation
  • Environmental engineering translation
  • Airport construction translation
  • Highway construction translation
  • Bridge & tunnel construction translation
  • Power plant construction translation
  • Wharf construction translation
  • Civil engineering translation
  • Amusement venues construction translation

Engineering Translations Service Provider

The Translation Studio offers top engineering translations services across Australia, with offices in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and call centres in Adelaide and Canberra.

We pride ourselves on being on time and adaptable to our clients’ needs and we value the quality of our work without exception. We guarantee outstanding results from our specialised engineering translators in all languages, who are backed by our proofreaders and project managers for every document, manual, drawing or software materials we receive.

Our translation process is stress-free, smooth and accurate and we always keep in mind our client’s satisfaction. We know the importance of delivering accurate engineering translations; therefore, we make sure this happens without fail. With over a decade of experience in the engineering translations field, we offer a good balance of quality and speed. When it comes to engineering translations, ask the experts!

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