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Medical Translation ServicesMedical translation is a high specialised discipline which involves the translation of medical documentation such as technical, regulatory, clinical or marketing materials as well as software or training materials for the pharmaceutical sector or healthcare fields. The use of specialised translators who have good knowledge of medical terminology and can render accurate translations is essential.

Medical translators need to have, in addition to outstanding linguistic skills, a strong knowledge of the medical field. Medical documentation involves technical, sensitive and highly regulated material; therefore, translators should ideally be trained or experienced in the medical field in addition to the linguistic field.

Some of the medical documentation we regularly translate at The Translation Studio includes:

  • Marketing and advertising brochures, marketing materials and websites for the medical industry
  • Medical records
  • Clinical trials, protocols and informed consents
  • Medical patents and publications
  • Case report forms
  • Scientific articles

Accuracy in Medical Translations

At The Translation Studio, we have a great team of specialised medical translators and we are able to offer top medical translation services to a broad range of organisations by minimising the risk of error and inaccuracies at the same time.

Mistranslations in the medical field can cause serious damage, for example, discrepancies in terminology between a device user interface and its corresponding user manual can lead to product recall, a mistake in translating a medical marketing brochure can cause financial losses to a particular company, and rarely, mistranslation in the medical field could endanger a patient’s life.

The Translation Studio offers top medical translation services throughout Australia, with offices in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and call centres in Adelaide and Canberra.

Medical Translations Service Provider

We pride ourselves on being on time and adaptable to our clients’ needs and we value the quality of our work without exceptions.

Our translation process is stress-free, smooth and accurate and we always keep in mind our client’s satisfaction. We know the importance of delivering accurate medical translations; therefore, we make sure this happens without fail. With over a decade of experience in the medical translation field, we offer a good balance of quality and speed.When it comes to medical translations, ask the experts!

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