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Transcription Services

Our multilingual transcription services involve a transcriber listening to an audio or video recording and producing a written version of the recording in the same language. As a provider of language solutions, The Translation Studio offers multilingual translation services where we also translate the transcript into the language of your choice, regardless of how complex or specialised your multilingual transcription project might be, or we can simply produce a written transcription in the language provided according to your specifications.

Our transcribers are experienced professionals with excellent typing skills, who are selected for their linguistic skills as well as their expertise in specific subject areas, including areas such as law, medicine and technology. We provide audio and video multilingual transcription services for interviews, meetings, scripts, lectures, seminars, press briefings, conferences, etc.

All your foreign language transcripts are professionally produced, quality-assured and delivered on time following your brief. Our writers can either attend your meeting in person or work from a recording, making our multilingual transcription services suit your needs.

Would you like to discuss your multilingual transcription project with us? We are happy to help, contact us for a free discussion today!