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Interpreting Services

Interpreting is the transfer of a message from one language to another verbally, as opposed to translation, where the message is transferred in the written form.

The role of an interpreter is particularly important when a verbal message needs to be conveyed from one language to another since an error made while speaking cannot be deleted, so it is always a wise decision to hire the best interpreters available for your assignment. The Translation Studio offers Interpreting Solutions of the highest standards as we have a large team of interpreters available at short notice to attend to conferences, meetings, events, workshops, hospital appointments, court cases, and other events.

Our interpreters are matched to an assignment’s requirement on the basis of their interpreting qualifications, language skills and specific industry experience. All our interpreters are degree-qualified in their specialist language and have at least 3 years of experience within their industry field.

Our Interpreting Services include:

  • Consecutive interpreting: Commonly used in meetings with small groups or one-to-one meetings or interviews. The interpreter listens to a section of speech and then renders the message to the other person or group after a brief pause and usually with the aid of notes.
  • Simultaneous or conference interpreting: The interpreter works in a soundproofed booth and provides the verbal translation in real time, immediately after something has been said. Simultaneous interpreting is generally used at major conferences and events.
  • Telephone interpreting: This option can be set up without any prior bookings and at short notice, and it is useful for emergency or unexpected situations. You simply need to have a hand-free feature on your phone and we will do the rest.