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Mining Translation Services

Translations for the Mining industry are very challenging. Thorough research is necessary in order to ensure the correct terminology is rendered in the foreign language and consistency is maintained to obtain an accurate result.

Translations need to be well written in the target language as well as easily understood and faithful to the original document. Finding a good Mining Translator is the first step, however, if your project is complex or lengthy, you will require a complete translation service from a reliable translation agency.

The Translation Studio has a broad level of experience in mining and engineering translations, handling both long and short projects; we have completed mining translation projects ranging between 100 and 300,000 words into many languages, including Arabic mining translations, Spanish mining translations, Mongolian, French, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian and many more. We provide technical translation services for several types of documents including translations of manuals, user guides translations, brochures, software terminology, websites, etc. With our state-of-the-art CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools and our dedicated team of Project Managers, TTS has a 100% success rate for completing all mining translation projects accurately, effectively, on time and on budget.

Accurate Mining Translations

Why is it important to get mining translations right? There are several factors to keep in mind when considering the importance of mining translations. At its most serious, accurate translations within the mining field can be a matter of life and death. A message could be misunderstood when reading an emergency protocol or the usage instructions of mining safety equipment and devices. This could lead to an accident, or worse a fatality, if mining equipment operators cannot understand the safety instructions provided.

Less serious situations, however still important, may result from misunderstanding guidelines or instructions in user manuals, training sessions, signage, or even a badly written proposal or contract.

The Mining and Engineering industries often use highly technical terminology which only translators specialising in the field can translate accurately. This is why it is so important to hire a professional translation agency able to provide high quality translations for all essential mining documentation. The Translation Studio has handled hundreds of mining translation projects successfully and our mining specialist translators are not only qualified linguists but they also have a background in the mining and engineering fields.The process doesn’t end here, however, mining translations need a few more experts involved, so all our mining projects undergo a three step workflow: Translation + Proofreading + Quality Assurance.

Professional Translations for the Mining Industry

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