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Marketing Translation Services

We’ve all heard the old saying that perception is reality. When it comes to advertising and marketing, this couldn’t be more important since customers’ perceptions can make or break a product, especially when moving into foreign markets which are not yet familiar with you and your products. Inaccurate translations of your company’s advertising and marketing messages can lead to hilarious, embarrassing, or worse, disastrous results.

Marketing Translation is a specialised area within the translation industry, it’s not just about translating the text into the target language but about conveying the marketing message correctly, both regarding style and accuracy, in the target language. Marketing translations are therefore often quite lateral, and need a certain specialised mindset from a qualified and experienced translator in the field.

Because of the creative and not always straightforward way that advertising communicates to audiences, it takes specific cultural understanding and a sense of style and flair to translate advertisements to global markets. Our translators are creative, bilingual and many of them hold degrees in literature, communications, writing and journalism as well as translation; therefore, they are able to maintain the appropriate style, voice and message of your advertising campaigns.

Top Quality Advertising and Marketing Translations

TTS takes special care in translating marketing messages to new languages. Our translators undertake the necessary research to ensure that the slogans, phrases, metaphors and messages of your marketing and advertising campaigns translate seamlessly to the target language. Your products may be speaking to new audiences, but our marketing translation services will make it seem like they’ve been speaking the language for years.

Here are some examples of TTS most recent projects within the advertising and marketing industry:

  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Press Releases
  • Email Marketing
  • Promotional Materials
  • Sales Presentations
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Ad Copy
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Whitepapers
  • Case Studies
  • Training Materials
  • Television and Radio spots
  • Signage
  • Advertisements
  • PR Documents
  • Business Cards

Advertising and Marketing Translations Services Provider

The Translation Studio offers top advertising and marketing translations service across Australia, with offices in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and call centres in Adelaide and Canberra.

We pride ourselves on being on time and adaptable to our clients’ needs and we value the quality of our work without exceptions.

Our translation process is stress-free, smooth and accurate and we always keep in mind our client’s satisfaction. We know the importance of delivering accurate advertising and marketing translations; therefore, we make sure this happens without fail. With over a decade of experience in the advertising and marketing translations field, we offer a good balance of quality and speed. When it comes to advertising and marketing translations, ask the experts!

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