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VIP Customer Program for Translation Services

The Translation Studio has launched a new VIP Customer Program for Translation Services offering benefits to our existing and new clients. Our VIP Customers will be able to benefit from discounted rates as well as priority delivery timeframes for our Translation Solutions when joining.

The program will benefit businesses which have the need to translate documents regularly, or which have a large volume of words to be translated within a short period of time.

Joining is easy, you simply need to fill out the VIP Customer Program registration and information form below. Once you join, you will be immediately placed in the Bronze Customer category and benefit from a 5% discount on all future jobs. The amount of words translated for your business will be calculated at the end of every quarter (March, June, September, December).

If you have reached the amounts of words specified below from the time of joining till the end of the quarter, you will be immediately placed in the respective category and continue to benefit from our discounts from then on. The more words you send for translation, the higher the discounts!